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The Technology

Ski~Mojo is a device based on a technology using the power of a spring. The kinetic energy stored during knee flexion is restored during the extension phase by the decompression of the spring.

In order to maintain flexibility and fluidity, we recommand to adjust the spring power so that it takes care of 1/3 the body weight. However, it is very easy to adjust the assistance according to your specific needs.

The articulated system is connected to the boot shell and a comfortable harness.

The device, acting as an exoskeleton, is inserted in a neoprene sheath to keep it in place. Neoprene is not primarily used for lateral knee support and should not be too tight. It adapts to the morphology of each person (hip circumference, tibial and femoral length). The entire system is therefore comfortable. Users tend to forget it when skiing.

  • Adapts to all adult morphologies
  • Spring power is not affected by temperature or altitude
  • Lightweight and compact, it is easily transportable in its elegant and compact backpack
  • Installed underneath the trousers in less than 2 minutes, it is invisible

The Ski~Mojo allows users to ski longer and avoids leg and knee pain and delays the fatigue normally felt.

Martin Hannaford, Production Manager

Ski~Mojo is to skiing what the turbo is to the car or what the electric motor is to the bicycle. It was designed on the slopes of Courchevel but is made in Great Britain. It is loved all over the world by those who want to perfect their technique, extend their skiing day, reduce shocks and eradicate pain. This product is unique and its benefits have a positive impact on the lives of its users.

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