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Since the beginning of our adventure in France, we encouraged people to test the ski~mojo before the purchase. In order for our customer to have immediate satisfaction we even did the fitting on the pistes and helped them to perfectly adjust the ski~mojo while providing them with advises. This took us a lot of time, effort and money as this service was free of charge.

We will still offer this service free of charge but it will be limited to a ski~mojo Test Tour. The dates of these events will be published on our Events Agenda. Outside of this Tour it will still be possible to test the ski~mojo at our Official Resellers (see details on the resellers page) by renting the ski~mojo  for a day (rental cost depend on each resellers price policy). The rental price will be deduced from the purchase price if you buy it at the shop after the test. This rental will not include the “on-piste fitting and coaching service”.

We strongly recommend to book and purchase this “on-piste fitting and coaching service” as our MojoMasters are ski~mojo users and they have been specifically trained. The tips our MojoMasters will give you will be very useful even for your first turns and you will immediately enjoy the power of your new bionic legs. In some cases, our MojoMasters are also ski instructors who could also help you improve your technique.
The duration and price of this service will depend on the MojoMasters or ski school policies. If you register for this service, the MojoMaster or ski school will get in touch wth you and tell you about their own policies. According to our customers they all appreciated the service and it worth the money.

Don’t wait any longer, fill our form and we will contact you very shortly to confirm the rendez-vous.

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